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Construction Manager / Superintendent / Project Manager   Many projects have contributed to an my career as a construction superintendent / project manager. I’m dedicated to my projects and enjoy a smooth-running site. My past experiences bring together a well-rounded expertise in all phases of construction. I’ve had the chance to work with a lot of developers, subcontractors and tradesmen and I’ve learned a lot from all their styles.

I’ve worked on many kinds of buildings


  • Built Homes – from Tract to High End
  • Remodeled Homes, Hospitals and Commercial
  • Developed Lots
  • Public works

My Story

*New High-End Homes

-Recently, I completed the ground up construction of high-end custom homes.

  • 2 - 3,000 and 5,600 square feet Modern Homes,
  • 4 - 5,000 Square feet traditional Homes
  • 5,000 square feet Cape Cod Home

Some with basements.

All were brought in on time, at budget and with the highest quality.

-Design built over 50 custom homes, sold from a model home and built in subdivisions that I developed and on scattered lots.

 *Hillside Homes

- “Get out of the ground” on a hillside homes. Excavation, caissons, shoring, concrete walls, structural steel, framing. I’ve worked with builders and homeowners as a designed and consultant to get their projects going.

 *Tract Homes

-Developed a subdivision of 23 lots and built 10 of the houses in 100 days.  Put in place all

·         infrastructure (some subcontracted and some in house crews), retaining walls, sewer, water, storm systems, utilities, roads

·         Got city street widened and moved power poles and lines owned be DWP

-Built 25 homes on schedule and within budget. Managed the construction department, all in house construction crews and all subcontractors. Negotiated change orders, analyzed and approved (or not approved) bills, met with new subs to bid and reduced many costs as much as 50%.

-Developed a 19-lot subdivision and sold homes from the model home.

*Hospital and Medical center remodeling.

-Handled the paperwork for many successful remodel projects at Kaiser. Job cash flow, contracts, scheduling, RFI’s, change orders, submittals, billing, OSHPDD IOR communications.

*Public works

-Built the foundation for a 15,000 square foot public library over 25,000 square foot parking. Removed 7,000 yards of dirt from a mountain site on a winding state road. Generated over 2 million dollars in change orders due to design changes. Bid, negotiated and contracted for 6 million dollars’ worth of subcontracts.

-Widening of a main street bridge over a wash,

-Ran structural steel contracts for public works projects. (LA County and LAUSD) Successfully represented my company in substitution hearings.

*Commercial Remodeling

-Successfully bid, budgeted, won contract and remodeled a 7,000 sq ft leasing center for a 700 unit apartment complex.  This job was completed ahead of schedule and below budget resulting in substantial bonuses and better than expected profit.

-During the bidding phase of this project, I also

·         Finished a high end custom home,

·         Finished a 15-unit condo building,

·         Substitute ran a 100 unit - 4 story apartment building,

·         Substitute ran a 36,000 square foot medical center.

·         Bid commercial buildings - studied plans, got subcontractor bids and submitted our bids.

·         Studied the plans of our ongoing projects to find inconsistencies and errors prior to costly construction mistakes saving the company tens of thousands of dollars.

 *High End Backyard Renovations

-Hillside restoration, built a vineyard, residential hillside cantilevered decks, pools, pavilions, Outdoor kitchens, hardscaping and landscaping.

 *Residential Remodeling and Renovation

-Remodeled and repair of many homes and business, including carpentry (rough and cabinet making) and all required trades. Some hands on and some subcontracting.

-Managed repairs of rental conversion homes and existing tenants.


 B. S., Business Management Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

Have taken many sales, marketing, computer, customer service and superintendent classes. Dale Carnegie Sales, MS Project, Excel, Word classes, Osha Site training, SWPPP Training. I’ve kept current on Tech.


·         Design – from preliminary concept to construction plans

·         Drafting –cad and paper (2d and 3d)

·         Marketing - merchandising, print, web

·         Management - planning, organization, people, costs, and pricing, purchasing, scheduling, implementation, financial.

·         Legal – proficient in writing and interpreting contracts, Construction and Public works law, substitution hearings.

·         Sales - have sold many homes, new and design build as a builder and existing as a Realtor Broker)

·         Mechanical - computer, wood, repairs

·         Computers - Windows, Android, Apple, Chef Architect, Design Cad 2000, Microsoft - Word, Excel, Publisher, Project, Drop Box and many other programs and apps.

·         Corporate and Public Works experience – spec reading, RFI’s, Submittals, COP’s and NTP’s, LEED, OSHA, OSHPD, SWPPP Certified

California Contractors License number 945601




Meet Gary

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Gary Binder

Midwestern Values and energy, West Coast Creativity

A father of 2 great young adults, an artist and a sailor.  Raised in Michigan as the son of a builder, Gary started in the business as a handyman fine tuning his father's townhomes prior to sale. He's developed subdivisions, built homes, remodeled commercial and built public works projects.