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Cruising, Racing and Day Sailing. 

Fore deck, Jib Trim, Pit, Helm, Navigator and Cook

  • San Francisco Bay - 36 foot Coronado - 2020 to now
  • Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey - Sailed on many different boats for the Wednesday and Tuesday night races, many Saturdays and down to Long beach a few times.
    • Green dragon
    • My Time III
    • Cross winds
  • Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey - Member of Marina Sailing - rented and sailed:
    • Knotty Gull
    • Flying Eagle
    • Fury
    • Spiderman
  • Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean- Many trips, St Thomas down to Fort Pierce and  St Thomas down to Venezuela - 72 foot  Catch
  • Michigan to Florida - 42 foot Gulfstar - Lake Michigan, Erie to Erie Barge Canal, Hudson River, out NY to Cape May, Delaware bay to Chesapeake Bay, Dismal Swamp, Pamlico Sound, Cape Fear, ICW down to the Florida Keys and into the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Michigan to Florida - 58 foot Christ Craft Connie  -
  • Florida, Bahamas -  54 foot Burger Cabin Cruiser

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